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About us

Leo's Italian Grill is owned and operated by Leo Gaertner and his wife, Michelle.  The menu includes some of your favorite Italian dishes as well as some creative items that you won’t find anywhere in the area (Pizza Pot Pie and Lasagna Pie to name a couple)! There are also a few non-Italian items on the menu to satisfy everyone’s taste. With a scratch kitchen, the freshest ingredients, and a great chef, you won’t walk away disappointed!

Leo began his passion for cooking at the age of 10 when his Grandpap took him in the kitchen and showed him how to make homemade bread. 5 years later, Leo started his first job at a restaurant in New Braunfels, TX, and has been honing his craft ever since. Now he is fulfilling his dream of owning his own place. He knew that Bastrop County was the place to do it so he and his wife, Michelle, moved to Bastrop in 2016 with a goal; to get it done!!

Michelle and Leo are both rooted in the family tradition and enjoy spending time with their loved ones (both family and friends). When dreaming of the type of environment they wanted in their restaurant, they knew that it had to be welcoming and comfortable; a place where people could gather for good food and good times. They hope that you will come to join them for a meal!!